Secret Inside Between Two Hearts

Miss someone that I love and fight with
           hei SA I miss you lah gedik gemuk. Cecepat sembuh gedik ar beli ubat cino lak. pergi lar klinik, takyah suruh Dr. bagi ubat, bagi cucuk je senang haha. asal demam je, demam rindu. tak demam tak rindu camtu? jemah ni nak lawan tumbuk ke camne? haha. goodnight miss you love you  cewahh cewahhh diam lar.


Thank you for dropping by.Hello! I'm shahana. A folk Malay girl that still learning to be an excellent human sampai ke Tua kerepot. Likes blogging,bernyanyi sumbeng diam diam, berangan and errr facebooking?? very much.kita tak sign up facebook la hihi just here & twider saja. " There's Only One (SA) that I miss love & fight with "
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" The sound come from Inside " Guitar to Ukulele, ukulele was a given from my Mr. Pulse that had been with me for a several years that is about 4 to 5 years. This is one of my valuable gift that I love & I miss the bracelet more.