Secret Inside Between Two Hearts

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wordless speechless everything is getting less. I dont know why. Just a little bit of strength that I need right now, but I do not need your words that push me down, I know i can do it, it my last struggle. I dare myself to push a little bit higher & a little bit of struggle. you better keep your mouth shut if your aim is to push me fall into a deep hole that you make!

There is a promise. at least Im trying to be what I wanna be. 
The Words IF;
imagine you in this situation, can you feel it? imagine it!
If ada tempat boxing?(seems like funny kan), bukit yang tinggi yang takde siapa-siapa? haaa kat situ tempat aku lepas kan geram! kat situ aku menjerit! puas!!
If ada tempat yang tenang, berangin, cuma bunyi air, burung-burung terbang, kat situ tempat aku luahkan semua even no body know no body feel what i feel right now! Mana-mana ada pressure, mana-mana boleh ada stress, Keep Going dear shahana. rezeki everywhere.

"We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens"

ThankYou ibuabah,family,SA.


Thank you for dropping by.Hello! I'm shahana. A folk Malay girl that still learning to be an excellent human sampai ke Tua kerepot. Likes blogging,bernyanyi sumbeng diam diam, berangan and errr facebooking?? very much.kita tak sign up facebook la hihi just here & twider saja. " There's Only One (SA) that I miss love & fight with "
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" The sound come from Inside " Guitar to Ukulele, ukulele was a given from my Mr. Pulse that had been with me for a several years that is about 4 to 5 years. This is one of my valuable gift that I love & I miss the bracelet more.