Secret Inside Between Two Hearts

Something that can't describe by any words like you said to me

Siapa taknak being like them those couple yang kita nampak hari-hari always together where ever they go, everything buat bersama. tak bermaksud I dont want it, tak bermaksud cepat boring if jumpa hari-hari it not what i meant. all those thing yang they did together me also want it! but..tuk kuatkan hati just fikir i'll will feel what they feel one day soon...

I want to be like them those couple that you said to me, *remember who they are? 

The true is tak pernah boring tak pernah bosan, i don't want you to misunderstand..biar jarak jadi penguat rasa both of us. one day and betul jodoh ini yang Allah dah tentukan we will be together. semua yang tak pernah kita buat same-same before married like those couple (share something, doing all things together, everyday meet each other, cook for you, go somewhere together just to of us like those couple did, everyday everynight be by your side), we will do it after we get married with blessed from Allah.

Starting from that day, I'll stop jealous with every couple everyone in this world because the reason is i already have someone like you with me all the time that people can't stop us. Itu orang tua-tua kata, manis yang kita akan rasa after we change our status to married. 
I want all this feeling all this sweet things yang akan both of us rasa nanti. tak bermaksud those couple everyday dapat jumpa hari-hari tu xrasa kemanisan after married, they happy, and we happy.. it just...Be us, Distance is not our problem but it our strength.

Thats all i can say but the true is what you and I feel inside, no one else can or any words can describe it. As long as I'm happy with you, I still and can't stop to be with you(Mr. Pulse(Y))


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" The sound come from Inside " Guitar to Ukulele, ukulele was a given from my Mr. Pulse that had been with me for a several years that is about 4 to 5 years. This is one of my valuable gift that I love & I miss the bracelet more.